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The special Valobra soaps by virtue of their quality and delicacy can be used for the face and body even for the most delicate parts of the epidermis.
To avoid the unaesthetic (but not disadvantageous ) slits in the bar of soap that may occur after use, it is recommended to put it on the basin or in the bath in a manner that it remains dry also the lower part of the soap . For this purpose there are soap dish, such as those shown in the pictures , which keep the soap dry extending its durability .



The tendency to develop cracks in the longitudinal bars of soap Valobra if not stored properly and leave the base with damp , it is precisely due to the quality of the Valobra soap base. Indeed the extreme sweetness on the most delicate skins joined to the perfect ability to detergency is guaranteed by the strength of soap, and in this case as a counterpart the soap becomes more sensitive to the stress caused by the softening of soap if kept damp . In fact, following a drying of the wet surface it might happen the occurrence of the slits . The hardness of Valobra soap ensures that even by the softening  the soap does not dissipates in water if left dump..

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