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Toilet soaps


Reseda: (Mignonette) This soap contains wheat-germ oil as an active ingredient. It is efficacious for all delicate complexions and is especially recommended for use during the winter.


Lattuga: This soap was developed for the effective yet gentle removal of make-up. It deep-cleanses the pores and acts as an emollient. Its use is particularly indicated in the summer for cleansing the sunburned skin without irritating it further.


Balsamo: This soap contains lecithin. Its use is advisable for the oily flaking skin.


Vitamina E: Vitamin E is a substance that keeps the skin soft and young. It helps to produce a velvety lather that has a deep-cleansing action on the skin without injuring its natural protective surface layer. This soap is particularly suitable for the extremely delicate skin.


Vitamina A e Carotene: Enriched with the wheat-germ oil and vitamin A, this soap is recommended for the sensitive skin. It is ideal for removing make-up. After exposure to the sun it is indicated to gently cleanse the skin.


Calendula: This special soap Valobra contains the extract of Calendula flower, with beneficial emollient properties, making it especially suitable for sensitive and delicate skin


This super-fatted soap with its high content of vitaminic substances and lecithin softens and beautyfies the skin. It is suited for babies particularly and for very delicate complexions generally.


Glicerlanolina: This soap contains lanolin and glycerin. It is therefore most indicated for dehydrated and sensitive skin.


Burro di cacao:
This soap, rich with the soft substance yelded by the cacao seed, softens the skin as it cleanses. It is most suitable for the skin that is dry.


Fougére: (Fern)
For easily redded complexions. Intense perfuming


Pratolina: the scent of wildflowers in this gentle Valobra soap, for those who want the pleasure of washing face and body with the sensation of being in a green meadow dotted with a thousand colors.


Valobra Masters: four intense scents, Lavander, Fern, Rose e Violet




Rectangular soaps:
at the beginning of the "nine hundreds" the first Valobra soaps


       Barrette Glicerina e Mandorla

          Glicerlanolina Barrette

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