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The saponification is one of the most important stages of processing of a toilet soap . The choice of this method determines to a large extent the quality of the soap. Valobra has always adopted and maintained the saponification by “boiling to the strength”, the classic method called " Marseillaise ," which was started in the second half of the eighteenth century, precisely in the region of Marseille. It should be noted that the industry of soap- Marseille was founded a hundred years before with the assistance of experts soapmakers from Genoa who were called by Colbert , minister of industry of the Sun King Louis XIV , in Marseille and Toulon to start the industrial activities in that region .
The saponification adopted by Valobra obtains the best results taking advantage of selected and pure raw materials with characteristics that allow its use in that type of boiler with alternating process and are not suitable for systems with saponification in continuous

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