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In 1903 at the establishing of Valobra soap factory in Genoa the soaps were impressed in bars with dents shaping two or three pieces to be cut by the consumer into single piece and placed without packaging in wooden cases that were shipped to stores for sale.

In the following years Valobra began to wrap the soap with a first dress to protect them from the elements of the atmosphere until use.
In the twenties of the last century Valobra first began to dress the soap with a box that contained the bar of soap wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a band.

Later on was added to Valobra toilet soap a super-fatting cream (cold cream) made by emollients and nutrients substances such as wheat germ oil, corn oil and lecithin, the result of the research that Valobra carried out in the thirties and forties. These oils contain considerable amounts in tocopherols and vitamin E, strong antioxidant agents that have beneficial actions in reducing the premature aging of the skin.
In later times were then directly added vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E to complement and enhance the amount of vitamins contained in soaps

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