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With the experience gained over years of research Valobra has optimized the technique of conveying  emollients , moisturizing and protective ingredients that need to be transferred from the soap to the skin to replenish the natural protective lipid layer of the skin  that the function of detergency removed along with the dirt. This function is carried out by the super-fatting cream ( cold cream ) added to the soap Valobra, differentiated according to the characteristics of the skin.
Everyone can then choose the Valobra soap that is best suited to one’s own skin , normal, oily or dry. It is also important to offer a choice among many delicate fragrances because the various types of skin can interact differently with the same type of scent and return a more pleasant feeling depending on the kind of skin. It is essential , however, that the consumer tries and makes the choice that is best suited to his own skin. The "Products" section of this website describes the properties of all Valobra soaps.

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